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Chestnut Laundry Gel Concentrate Lavender

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Detailed information

Product detailed description

Eco-friendly laundry detergent

Chestnut Laundry Gel Concentrate Lavender

Excellent washing power

Chestnuts, the fruit of the Horse Chestnut tree, are high in saponin, a natural detergent and foaming agent.

Saponin is a surfactant that effectively removes grease, dirt and grime from clothes.

We are totally impressed by the combination of conscious laundry detergent localness and effectiveness and we hope you will be too.

Highly concentrated

Our Laundry gel is highly concentrated. 

With small amount of our product you decrease transport cost and minimize environmental impact.  

For one load (4-5kg) use just 15ml. One 500ml bottle lasts for 33 loads. 

No need to pay for extra water.

Chestnut Laundry Gel Concentrate Lavender
Chestnut Laundry Gel Concentrate Lavender

Natural product

Horse chestnuts - parks and sidewalks are full of them in the autumn but did you know what a treasure these round, shiny fruits hide?

At TERRA GAIA, we love finding the most mindful ways to care for your laundry and home.

That's why these little gems take a central role in our laundry products. Horse chestnuts - there’s nothing more local.

Gentle product

The perfect choice for a delicate wash. Recommended for laundry of children´s clothes and cloth nappies.

Ideal laundry detergent for sensitive skin.

Chestnut Laundry Gel Concentrate Lavender
Chestnut Laundry Gel Concentrate Lavender


Ecofriendly non - biological laundry detergent free from dyes, synthetic fragrances and potentially harmful ingredients.

Lavender scent

Our Chestnut laundry detergent is scented with  100% organic Lavender Essential Oil. With it´s  relaxing, calming, refreshing and cleansing effect you will love to do launder your clothes.

No chemical fragrances.

Chestnut Laundry Gel Concentrate Lavender
Chestnut Laundry Gel Concentrate Lavender


Our Chestnut Laundry Gel Concentrate is marked by Ecogarantie. One of the most stringent and independent certificates, where the customer can be sure that a product with this label meets the strictest requirements.

All ingredients are of natural origin, planet friendly and wastewater friendly.


Ecological product


For washing 40-90°C


1 bottle = 33loads

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G Avatar of author | 25/05/2023
I am excited. After we started using this gel, our daughter's eczema disappeared.
D Avatar of author | 12/01/2022
Washes super well, leaves a discreet but pleasant scent. I love it.
M Avatar of author | 06/01/2022
Love this detergent. Great for any type of load. Safe, natural, and super gentle on all materials. Will get again.
L Avatar of author | 03/01/2022
Perfect product, laundry is clean, very pleasant scent.???? Will definetely purchase again.
R Avatar of author | 29/12/2021
Very pleasant scent, good washing result.