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Gall soap

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Gall soap

Miracle stain remover

An effective stain and spot remover for laundry. It removes the  most stubborn stains with very little effort. A bar of soap that will bring damaged clothes back to life right before your eyes!

A must have product

Its power removes the stubborn stains especially from grease, sweat, fruit and vegetable, dirt, blood from all clothes.

It’s the secret weapon of parents who care for their children's cloth nappies or women using cloth menstrual pads. 

Gall soap

When and where to  use Gall soap?

Gall soap


Gall soap


Gall soap

Fruit & Vegetable

Gall soap


Gall soap


Gall soap

Cloth nappies

Gall soap

Shirt collar

Gall soap

Grass stain

Gall soap

Safe for all kind of fabrics

Gall soap can be used on all materials, including wool and silk.

Suitable for all white and colorfast natural fibre and blended fabrics.

100% biodegradable

An efficiant and 100% natural product.

By using active substances  only topically on stains where we need them, we can use much less regular detergents  and wash more gently. 

This makes a lot of sense and  washing is much more resource and nature friendly.

Gall soap
Gall soap

Animal origin soap ?

Gall soap contains bile enzymes. Bile soap enzymes are a waste product from meat production that would otherwise go unused, and they are unsurpassed in their effectiveness in destroying dirt on textiles.

How to use Gall soap ?

Treat stains locally. Wet the stain, then rub it  with the bar. Leave on for a few minutes and afterwards, wash as normal in the washing machine.

It is always a best practice to treat stains by hand.

Gall soap is a perfect complement  to our Ox - powerful stain remover.

For soaking and washing heavily soiled and greasy laundry overall, we recommend grating the soap and adding it directly to the washing machine drum.

When treating coloured textiles, it is a good idea to test the colour fastness of the textile before use by applying it in a place that is not visible. 

Greasy stains (oil, cosmetics, chocolate)  should be cleaned with bile soap and HOT water. 

Body fluid stains (blood, stool, urine - protein stains) wash with bile soap in COLD water. 

Gall soap
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E Avatar of author | 04/04/2022
how could I have ever lived without :-D
S Avatar of author | 06/01/2022
I love Gall soap and use it regular on our kids clothes and now mine as I get their food on it all the time. I get stains out of the cloth nappies with it also. It’s a natural product so won’t damage any fabrics no matter how delicate.