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What is conscious laundry?

Conscious Laundry

Have you notice laundry is one of the biggest sources of toxic substances in our homes? It puts a strain on the environment, but it also has a negative impact on our health. Some of the toxic substances are discarded in the water, but some remain in the laundry, so we are in constant contact with them.

We wear them every day, we sleep in them night after night, we wipe clean dishes and our children's dirty mouths in them. We practically massage them into our bodies from towels.

But I do have to do laundry in something!

Yes, cleanliness is half the health, but you can get there in a better way.

Conscious laundry reveals a way to do laundry really efficiently with minimal impact on your health and the environment.

We can guide you and show you that it's a breeze.

But first, let's present the facts.

Conscious Laundry
Conscious Laundry

What common detergents contain?

Conventional detergents are full of dangerous toxic substances. You can't tell at first glance because you'll find them in the ingredients under these labels:

Perfumes - responsible for making the laundry smell for a long time. These are mostly petroleum derivatives, many of which are highly irritating or even proven carcinogens.

Optical brighteners -make laundry look white. Beware, it only looks like white. These substances absorb UV rays, giving the impression of white linen. They often cause allergies.

Preservatives - the product lasts a long time. Looks always beautifully and it is coloured. But the long life is ensured by highly irritating substances that have a huge toxic impact on the human body and the environment.

Active ingredients- that's why we buy detergent. They are so strong that they can treat even the worst stains. But we also wash regular, minimally soiled laundry in them.
In conventional detergents, the actives are made from natural gas or petroleum.

Does that scare you? We're not surprised.

What's the one thing your laundry really needs?

To wash your laundry, you need active ingredients from the right source and in the right amount.

Active ingredients can be obtained from natural gas or oil, as well as from natural oils or fats. You can also achieve great results by using saponins, which our sourced chestnuts contain in large quantities.

Our specialty is washing gel made from horse chestnuts that are locally harvested and don´t have any adverse ecological footprint.

Conscious Laundry
Conscious Laundry

Not clean enough for you?

If you've dismissed gentle washing because you crave fragrance or brilliant whiteness, give it another chance.

You can scent your laundry with natural essential oils, which give it a fresh scent and also have a positive effect on the psyche and emotions. Chemical perfumes can't even dream of that.

If you want bright white laundry, use OX-oxygen stain remover. It's non-toxic, heat-activated and has disinfectant properties in addition to its whitening properties.

Be a part of the The New story of conscious laundry

We show you how to do laundry with respect for your health and the environment. And be clean and comfortable at the same time.

Switching to eco-friendly laundry detergents will change your life.

Stop dumping toxic water down the drain.

You'll probably have less eczema and allergies. And you'll make some adjustments to your laundry routine.

You want to wash at the intensity that most laundry requires. You'll treat stains in a targeted way, and your laundry will reward you by lasting much longer.


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