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How to get rid of stains in a non-toxic way

Stains happen— it happens, it´s  fact of everyday life, cooking, wearing clothes or using anything that  leaks, drips, or smears.
A simple way to get rid of stains on clothes and in the home with just 2 eco-friendly products. 


An effective stain and spot remover for laundry. It removes most stubborn stains with very little effort.

Its power removes stubborn stains especially from grease, sweet, fruit and vegetable, make-up from all clothes. 

It is secret weapon of parents who care for their children's cloth nappies or women using cloth menstrual pads. 


OX is a versatile stain remover and cleaner for every household.

Suitable mainly as a bleach and stain remover for washing white and coloured laundry and as a deep cleaner for cleaning. 

OX - stain remover  is fully biodegradable bleaching powder based on active oxygen.

4 General tips for a successful stain removal


How to get rid of stains in non-toxic way ?

 Act fast

A fresh stain is easier to remove.
How to get rid of stains in non-toxic way ?

Use the right product and temperature

Oil-based stains need hot water, while protein-based stains need cold water.
How to get rid of stains in non-toxic way ?

Test in a hidden areas

Coloured garments - always test the product on a hidden area to see if there is any discoloration..
How to get rid of stains in non-toxic way ?

Wash stain treated cloths

After the stain treatment, wash the clothes to remove residue.

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Gall soap and OX - oxygen stain remover are an integral part of the non-toxic washing programme.  Try a non-toxic, environmentally friendly and effective laundry program with a Money Back Guarantee.