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Laundry rinse concentrate unscented

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Detailed information

Product detailed description

Why to use Laundry Rinse ?

LAUNDRY RINSE is a integral part of non toxic washing

It rids your laundry of detergent residues, and neutralises and softens it at the same time.

Laundry rinse concentrate
Laundry rinse concentrate

Suitable for sensitive skin

The natural pH level of human skin is acidic, whereas laundry detergents, soap, and washing soda are alkaline.

This is why clothing containing laundry detergent residue may cause skin irritation. The laundry rinse neutralises alkaline substances and helps the water rinse them off the clothing.

The acidic rinse neutralises rinsing water, which is particularly important for people with sensitive skin, eczema or allergies, as well as for small children.

Prevent fading clothes

When washing in hard water, the rinse also keeps the clothing from fading, a process caused by the soap substances contained in detergents colliding with the minerals in the water. 

The fibres' natural properties (towels absorb water again) and appearance (brighter colours) return.

Laundry rinse concentrate
Laundry rinse concentrate

Safe for all types of fabric

Suitable for almost all types of fabrics

The rinse does not damage bamboo, wool and silk fabrics - it is highly recommended for rinsing reusable nappies.

100% biodegradable

Ecofriendly rinse detergent free from dyes, synthetic fragrances and potentially harmful ingredients. 

Safe for septic tanks.

Bottle made from 25% recycled plastic.

Laundry rinse concentrate
Laundry rinse concentrate

Highly concentrated

Our Laundry Rinse is highly concentrated. 

With small amount of our product you decrease transport cost and minimize environmental impact.  

For one load (4-5kg) use just 15ml. One 500ml bottle lasts for 33 loads. 

No need to pay for extra water.

The scent you love

Our Laundry Rinse is fragrance-free. By adding a few drops of your beloved essential oil, you create the individual scent of the clothes you would like to have every time you wash them.

Choose from our large selection of 100% Organic essential oils.

Laundry rinse concentrate
Laundry rinse concentrate


Our laundry Rinse concentrate is marked by Ecogarantie. One of the most stringent and independent certificates, where the customer can be sure that a product with this label meets the strictest requirements.

All ingredients are of natural origin, planet friendly and wastewater friendly. 

Did you know?

The difference between a fabric softener and a laundry rinse.

The purpose of fabric softeners is to reduce static electricity clinging to synthetic textiles. They smooth the fibre by coating it. However, this leads to a reduction in the absorption capacity and permeability of the textile.

Therefore, do not use fabric softeners for cotton, hemp, line  or functional athletic fabrics 

Synthetic fragrances in fabric softeners and residues of fabric softeners in fabric can cause skin irritation and eczema.


Natural product


2 caps = 1 dose


1 bottle = 33 loads

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E Avatar of author | 04/04/2022
I used to have spots on my laundry and it helped!
K Avatar of author | 12/01/2022
I got a recommendation for it, we have hard water at home and my laundry still didn't look good. The rinse helped and the laundry is much softer too.