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The quality and origin of the raw materials from which we produce natural cosmetics, personal care products, laundry and cleaning products are essential to us.

Your trust in our TERRA GAIA brand is paramount, which is why our products carry the Ecogarantie certificate.

Products bearing the Ecogarantie logo meet the strict rules for this certificate, which guarantees quality, safety and environmental friendliness.

The Ecogarantie certificate is issued by a Belgian independent non-profit company of the same name, which subjects products to strict global requirements. The company's commitment is based on the genuine belief in the healing of the planet. 

And that's why you'll find this certificate on our products too.

  What the Ecogarantie certificate means on our products:


100% organic 

All ingredients of natural origin come exclusively from controlled organic farming.



Products bearing the Ecogarantie logo are naturally degradable to minimise their impact on the environment.



Products bearing the Ecogarantie logo must be free of petroleum and petroleum-derived substances (paraffin, kerosene, etc.), synthetic dyes and perfumes,genetically modified ingredients,and the use of stabilisers, emulsifiers and preservatives of non-natural origin is strictly regulated. Animal testing is also prohibited. 


100% independent

Ecogarantie works with three independent inspection bodies to ensure 100% independent certification. Based on their reports, Ecogarantie then makes the decision on whether to award the label.