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7 Reasons to Switch to Reusable Wipes

7 Reasons Why to Swap to Use Reusable Wipes

Every day, several billion disposable wet wipes are used worldwide. They have become a normal part of our daily lives. We use them to take care of our children's bottoms, clean our hands and faces, use them as intimate wipes and nowadays, they are also used to clean our homes and cars. For many of us, they have become almost a necessity.

Fortunately, there is a great alternative - TERRA GAIA reusable wet wipes. An easy way to get rid of disposable wipes.

Are you hesitant to try it? Worried it's too complicated? Or have you never heard of this option and don't know what they are? Give us 3 minutes to convince you - where you thought you could only waste, you gain so much more.

Reasons to use reusable cotton wipes:

1) Less waste - you only use disposable wipes once and throw them away. Tens of billions of them are used every year around the world. Plus, they are often made of polyester, which is not non-biodegradable. (Remember the wipes discarded in the wild?) Imagine, one set of 30 - 40 reusable wipes can replace approximately 9,000 disposable ones.

2) They do a better job - cloth wipes are made of absorbent and thin material - we have tested situations where you normally have to use 2 to 3 disposable wipes, you can get by with just one reusable one.

7 Reasons Why to Swap to Use Reusable Wipes
7 Reasons Why to Swap to Use Reusable Wipes

3) Saves costs - reusable wipes are washed over and over again. You buy one set at the beginning and they last you indefinitely if cared for properly. There's no need to wash them separately, you just add them to your regular wash.

4) No toxic chemicals - Disposable wipes are full of chemicals and toxins that are downright harmful, especially for small children and on sensitive skin.

Reusable ones, on the other hand, can be used with just plain water or, better yet, a wet wipe solution, which in turn will only deliver caring and beneficial benefits.

5) They are by far more gentle - reusable wipes are made from a delicate, skin-sensitive material. What's more, with organic cotton wipes, you can be 100% sure that they are free from chemicals.

6) No plastic pollution - unfortunately, 90% of wet wipes contain polluting plastic. This means they take up to 100 years to biodegrade in landfills and can cause sewers to clog if flushed.

7) No nappy rashes - cloth wipes themselves are free of toxic chemicals. By choosing the right solution for soaking the wipes, you can prevent or help cure any rashes.

7 Reasons Why to Swap to Use Reusable Wipes