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Dishwasher gel concentrate

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Detailed information

Product detailed description

Eco-friendly  diswasher detergent

Dishwasher gel concentrate

Excellent dishwashing power

TERRA GAIA Dishwasher Gel’s main active ingredient is made from horse chestnuts.

Chestnuts, the fruit of the , are high in saponin, a natural detergent and foaming agent. 

We’ve developed a unique formulation of dishwashing gel that effectively removes dirt and grease from dishes and glasses, with the power of natural and non toxic ingredients

Leaving them sparkling clean and shiny.

No residues at dishes

Leaving dishes streak-free and glassware sparkling bright, while you can count on it being environmentally friendly. 

Without any residues of harmful chemicals on your dishes. 

Dishwasher gel concentrate
Dishwasher gel concentrate

Natural product

It is completely biodegradable, made with local plant-based and planet friendly ingredients.

TERRA GAIA Dishwasher Gel’s main active ingredient is made from horse chestnuts - the fruit of a tree that grows commonly around us and whose fruit is not cultivated but only collected.

Fruit which does not travel thousands of kilometres to fulfil its washing purpose far from where it grows.

Horse chestnuts - parks and sidewalks are full of them in the autumn but did you know what a treasure these round, shiny fruits hide?

Highly concentrated

Our Laundry gel is highly concentrated. 

With small amount of our product you decrease transport cost and minimize environmental impact.  

For one load use just 15ml. One 500ml bottle lasts for 33 loads. 

No need to pay for extra water

Dishwasher gel concentrate
Dishwasher gel concentrate

Dishwashing as a daily aromatherapy routine

Only organic citronella essential oil was used to scent the dishwasher gel. It suits the dishes perfectly and makes washing dishes a bit more of a joy again!

Combining household care with the amazing benefits of essential oils is a real new way of caring for our homes that makes sense and is definitely worth it.


Our Dishwasing gel  concentrate is marked by Ecogarantie.

All ingredients are of natural origin, planet friendly and wastewater friendly. The entire production process, including the composition of the origin of the ingredients, is certified by Ecogarantie. 

One of the most stringent and independent certificates, where the customer can be sure that a product with this label meets the strictest requirements

Dishwasher gel concentrate
Dishwasher gel concentrate


Ecofriendly dishwashing detergent free of harmful substances, phosphates, bleach, formaldehyde, ammonium sulphate, and dyes.

Safe for septic tanks.

Bottle made from 25% recycled plastic.

Money Back Guarantee

At TERRA GAIA, we are passionate about customer satisfaction.

Therefore, we offer our products with Money Back Guarantee.

If our products do not meet your expectations, you have the right to get your money back. It’s as simple as that.

Dishwasher gel concentrate


Ecological product


For diswashing 60-90°C


1 bottle = 33loads

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N Avatar of author | 15/07/2022
A very pleasant surprise. Really just a very little gel and the dishes are perfectly washed. I checked if it is suitable to use when we have a sewage treatment plant, it was confirmed that it is. I have a really good feeling about this product.
J Avatar of author | 14/07/2022
I love it. No chemical taste at plate and glasses.
S Avatar of author | 14/07/2022
I was pretty skeptical at first, I have high standards for well washed dishes. But the result exceeded my expectations - the glasses are really shiny and the dishes are washed really well. I only had to help with a very dirty pot, but that's usually necessary with other dishwashing detergents as well. I really recommend to try it!