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5 Ways How TERRA GAIA Concentrates Save Money and Help Your Business?

During developing our all products we took care for each detail - composition of product, nature and human safety, washing efficiency, packaging and transporting.

We keep also big focus on logistic details as we know this is one of most important part of product impact to nature. TERRA GAIA products are highly concentrated as we don´t want to sell and transport water.

Bottles are square diameter – which save a lot of space in boxes.

You and your customers can save money, reduce carbon footprint of transportation and production.

Our main raw material, Chestnut extract, is local, compared to other brands based on tropical oils.



  1. Pay just 1/4 transport cost
  2. Save 75% packaging
  3. Don´t transport and sell extra water
  4. Save transport, storage and shelves space
  5. Reduce carbon footprint
  6. Shorten transport  - made in middle of Europe